MULTI-ReUse on the path to success

The research project MULTI-ReUse almost has reached its target line. Up to 20 participants discussed the state of the work during a project meeting at the beginning of March. Topics were, among other things, the demonstration phase at the pilot plant, the monitoring of the water quality, the assessment of materials for a pipe network for service water, sustainability assessment and the dissemination of results and marketing.

Overall the project is on a good way. First result of the monitoring of the water quality are available and final adjustments are being done for the process of the service water production. Shortly the testing of the materials for a pipe network for the service water will begin. The assessment tool is finalized and ready to be used and the export strategy is being polished right now too. All in all the MULTI-ReUse participants are looking forward to the last months of work and the final results of the project.

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